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Now is when I mark out the area in the chassis that needs to be cut out to take the spur gear I will be using for this chassis..


For this chassis I am using several sections of brass to measure in to make the gear cut out. You only need to do this with anglewinder and sidewinder set ups.And the width of the cut out depends on the gear you are going to use for the car and the width of the rear track of the chassis. So there is no set width This is something you will need to work out for the body you are building the chassis for.

For inline set ups you dont need a gear cut out. All you need is the inline motor bracket you will be using..

Now that you have your basic layout lines done you can start doing some cutting.

For all of my cutting I use a Dremel tool with cut off wheels.. Now is the time to break out the safety glasses. The cut off disks are fragile and you will break some, they come off the Dremel at HIGH speeds so PLEASE take care.

I clamp all the parts I am cutting to the workbench with C-clamps. This way I have both hands free to control the Dremel.


The first cut out I do is on the rear end of the chassis The area where the spur gear goes needs to be done first You need to do this so you can put the gear on the axle and have it sit on the jig wheels

What I have done is made a short pillow block with the oilets (bushings) I will be using. Too show me how far in the pillow block will sit, and then scribe that line.......



Now I do the other side using the spacer I need to use for this chassis and this cars rear track..... Again this is something you will have to figure out based on the cars rear track and the width of tires you are allowed to use... This chassis is set up to take 10mm wide tires....



Now with the layout lines marked for the pillow block pockets you can cut these out with a Dremel and clean the pocket up with a file....Then after you make your pillow blocks up... ( show you how to do that next ) You can dry fit the parts and make any adjustment you need to have the pillow blocks it properly....


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