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And Colby got to play on the track for the first time..


Colby loves to race vidio

After so rest, I got back to work on the track. The new guard rails are now up. But I not sure if they will be permanent or not. 



Now that I have things up and running and can now push the cars some to see what they  car really do.. For testing I used one of my scratch built chassis and a Fox motor in it. Sponge tires and a 4 ohm Parma controller.
And as you can see all the lanes are very close in performance. And after running some more and getting more rubber down on the lanes. I managed to take another tenth off all the lane times. 



Tonight was the night, the first time that the new Far-A-Way Hills Raceway held it's first get together to break in the new track right..
We had a great time, my friends Pete, Brian, Steed and Frank showed up with boxes of car to try out..
Brian and Pete are old club members that raced on the old track for years. And this was there first time racing with magna braid. Now they have both run the RTR car on the old track and on the commercial track (Pete is the owner of Pit Stop Raceway here in Rochester)
And they were both surprised  how well the RTR's now worked on the routed track.. Everything they pulled out or picked up off the track to race ran great. They tried the scratch built cars, RTR NASCAR, Indy cars, Trans-Am, Can-Am, ALM style cars, even a few of the Vintage F1 cars. and could not believe how well they all ran. 
Steed and Frank raced mostly on the Plastic tracks, Steed had a nice 100 ft. Scalex/Ninco track and Frank had his beautiful Carrera which he took out and replaced with his new routed track with magna braid. And Steed has now taken his track down and is running on a routed track that was Frank's first build.  Steed will be replacing the regular braid on his track in the near future.   
And the new kings of the track are the TSRF chassis cars. These things are bullets.
The guys just ran and got use to the track for the first couple of hours then the racing started.

Brian, Steed, Frank and Pete

Janice my wife and Katie, Pete's wife.. helped with marshelling

Now to get the scenery started. That will take some time as the track has more area to work with.
Now with any luck we can get the old club going again.

If you have time on your hands, Here are all the pictures that were taken of the build..

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