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Here are some chassis that I have come across and some ideas for builders.. Some chassis like Mark's are easy and simple to build.
Some are more complex, but have good design ideas
more to come.....

Sprint Plus chassis

This is a Parma Sprint Plus chassis and it has been made into a very simple "rattler" chassis by a good friend of mine in the Denver area..
This is a very nice handling chassis and is a great starter chassis for a new builder...

The chassis was designed for and will fit a NASCAR body

As you can see there is very little work to do in doing up this chassis... just add the side pans and the cross menbers and you are done...
The piano wire is a bit smaller than the inner dia. of the square stock to allow the side pans to move or "rattle" this will really help in making the car handle much better than a solid pan chassis..


Mark has made the chassis very bullit proof by adding the brace over the rear axle carrier and the front axle tube makes that area much stronger too...



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